We provide surfing publishing and products..... and a whole lot more.

Surfspots  The Dude is traveling up and down the California coast, North & South Carolina, and Hawaii revisting the hottest surfspots and checking out all of the location information available in today's publications.  One thing he has found out is that a lot of the new surfspot publications are being written by people who don't seem to have actually gone to the surfspots they write about in their books.  They must be writing these books on a computer, because the information they provide doesn't get you there!  Most people know everything about their own local surfing areas.  But when they go to other, unfamiliar locations they spend a lot of non-surfing time trying to find out where the best surf locations are.  Even if they used to surf the place, finding surf and wave locations today can still be hard because of all the new development along the coast.  And we don't have local friends available at all the spots we would like to surf.  That's where the Dude comes in.......... He's merging the latest technology with current and accurate information to help you find the surfspots you've heard about and wanted to visit using GPS technology.

GPS & Surfspots  We used to offer Garmin GPS navigation units at competitive prices that would take you right where you want to go.  But that was before the big box stores got into the act.... now they sell them less than our cost.  So just go there to buy them.  We strived to remain competitive with everyone out there, but it is impossible for a little guy to compete.  Good for you..... bad for us.
Shorepound Biz  As the Dude continues to work on his surfspots, he finds it necessary to continue to eat..... so he has drawn on his extensive business background and begun to provide business services to a limited number of small businesses in Hilo, Hawaii where he lives and our World Headquarters are located.  To access Shorepound Business Services click on the "Shorepound Biz" button above.


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